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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Theresa 5-2-11

Hey everyone! So this week has been crazy! I remember I was going to tell you about Theresa. Ok, well she is a police officer and was in 9/11 and had to see all of that, and then she came to New Mexico, and worked in Rio Rancho area. She was mostly a school cop, like she brought in her dog and told the kids not to do drugs. So she was a pretty low key police officer. She had no real training on like combat or shoot outs or whatever. So anyway, for some reason the department put her and her partner Joe, in the Jemez (Hay-mez) mts. to try and catch a thief. They called him the cookie bandit. So anyway. They were plopped in a cabin to wait for this guy to break in, so that they could arrest him. Well, the dept. goofed up. They didnt give them a working radio, there was no back up, there was nothing. It was just them and Theresa's boyfriends (her guns). So what they didn't know was that this guy was a serrial killer too. So when he broke in to Theresa's cabin, the bandit fought Theresa and Joe for about 45 mins of hand to hand combat. Which they weren't trained for. But Theresa is a man, so they fought him off pretty well. But in the end, Joe got shot a couple of times, and was bleeding to death. The bandit shot at Theresa, but missed her 3 time at point blank. God was watching out for her! But the gun she picked up to kill the bandit with malfunctioned and didn't work! So Joe (who was dying) grabbed the gun, did something with it, and then shot the bandit dead. Then Joe died himself. Theresa suffers from survivers guilt. It is really sad, and she feels very empty and alone and that God has abandonded her. So we are helping her understand about Jesus Christ and His Atonement, and about God's love for her. It is really sad. But I love her so much! She is an amazing woman! I hope you guys meet her one day. :)
So anyway, the other day we were tracting and we knocked on the door and a girl answered. She looked kind of nervous, and we asked her if she believed in Christ, she said no she didn't think so. So there was some hesitancy, but then her grandma came home, and then she got really scared. The grandma came up and stood between us and our escape. She was a big woman, and asked us what we wanted. We told her who we were and then she said that she did not want any solicitors (I wanted to say we were not soliciting, but I couldn't open my mouth), and then she moved a little closer, and got more nasty. She asked me if I had a permit, and I looked her in the eye and I said yes. I think that might have intimidated her a little, but as we were walking away, she left the door open long enough for us to hear what she told  her granddaughter. She said "I don't want you opening this door to anyone! Especially to those freakin' religious idiots!" It was so full of hate! I was so scared! Seriously, I have been at some pretty shady doors, but this was the first one where I actually felt like I was in some danger. I thougth for sure she was going to grab me and yank me across the yard into the street. Sister Barello felt the same way about her. So we think it was the spirit telling us to keep our mouths shut or else we would have gotten hurt. It was scary. But I was proud of myself for looking her in the eye and telling her, yes I have a permit to be on your doorstep telling you about Christ. And boy did she need some religion in her life! Poor old crabby lady. Anyway! That is all. I just found out like 5 mins ago that we are getting a new car!!! Wa hoo!!!! I am so excited! We have a dumpy Malibu. Anyway! I love you all! I hope you are doing great and I will see you on Mother Day! I hope that you guys can do skype. And SIster Barello said that she is going to be skyping at 5 on SUnday evening. So I will be doing the same sometime around 4 or 6pm. I love you all! Sorry that you will be having to look at me, the fat slob that I am, so make sure you have blind folds ready! :) Love you all!
Love Sister Stolp

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