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1st Nephi 3:7

And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto my father: I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them.

Friday, February 26, 2010

~Scripure Study with Leda~

I've been reading in Alma 50+ about Moroni and Helaman and the stripling warriors. I've made a lot of comparisons with them and missionary work.
In Alma 49 and 50 it talks about how Moroni was always(continually) preparing for war. He never stopped making his cities stronger. That's kinda like missionary work. I'm always preparing to teach and making my foundation stronger. I have come to understand that I need to be prepared. Moroni didn't just sit in his cities thinking he would be protected, he had to do everything he could and then the Lord would make up the rest, after all we do. It goes on to talk about the Army of Helaman and how the warriors were young and exeedingly valiant for courage, strength and activity. They were true at all times and could be trusted. They were men of truth and soberness because they were taught to keep the commandments of God and to follow him. That was their rep. I hope that that is how people look at me, not just as a missionary.
I just love Moroni in Alma 55:19 it says that Moroni did not delight in shedding blood, but he delighted in saving his people from destruction. Moroni knew why he was fighting, for his family, country, and God. He knew his purpose and never forgot it. I think as missionaries (we are all missionaries), we need to think that way. Our society and government are not centered around those things. We are fighting for these same 3 things as missionaries. Moroni alsogave these Lamanites a choice- to either be on his side (freedom), or die. Of course we aren't going to kill anyone who rejects us, but in a way they are dying if they do reject us. I also love how Helaman calls the stripling warriors his sons - and in return they call him father. It reminds me of how our relationship should be with our mission president(s). It shows how close Helaman is to his army. I got the impression that Helaman was hesitant with letting his army go to war - in Alma 56:46 the warriors are telling Helaman to let them go - God is with them. They want to fight for their fathers so bad! They were so toung - it says they never fought before - but they weren't afraid of death, because they were taught by their mothers to not doubt, God would deliver them. In 56:55 it says Helaman feared that many of his "sons" were slain - I don't think that verse gives justice to the fear he felt (imagine losing a child) - in 56 it says "great joy," I don't think it gives justice either, but not one soul of his sons were fallen. It goes on to say these sons of his fought with the arm of God, basically, and that these seasoned warrior Lamanites were scared by these inexperienced warriors. I have no doubt that God was behind them 100%. They were taught by their mothers. It goes on in 57:21 that these warriors did obey with exactness. Obedience was their shield - there is safety in obedience. As a missionary I want to obey with exactness. I want to be like the stripling warriors in my missionary work! I'm just the instrument.
Love Leda

Albuquerque, Mew Mexico

Dear Annie,
So I made it to New Mexico in one piece. My mission president (Pres. Anderson) is really nice and his wife is really sweet. I really like them. But, I found out my mission is splitting in July- there will still be the Albuquerque mission but will go down to the Mexican border and some of Texas. Then the Farmington New Mexico mission will be created. It covers all the Native American Reservations in New Mexico, Utah and Arizona and I think Colorado. So the Phoenix and Mesa AZ missions are splitting into the Farminton mission. So depending on where I'm serving in July that will be my mission. Right now I'm serving in Gallup New Mexico which wil be in the new mission - there is a chance that I will stay here for the next 6 months, but there's also a chance that I could get transfered. I'm kinda not sure about the split because the elders and Sister Edwards could be put in the new or old mission - so we may not even have mission reunions together! So I'm sad, but excited at the same time. We'll see what happens. Heavenly Father knows where I'm supposed to be. Anyway! My companion is Sister Anderson the younger because my mission Presidents wife is Sis Andersen the Elder. It's really cute:) She's an awesome trainer! So out here we are surrounded by reservations - the roads are mostly dirt, so lately with all the rain and snow it's been muddy out on the rez (reservation). Of course I didn't know it was going to be muddy when we went out there, which was I believe my 2nd day out here, so I wore my nice suit jacket. Sister Anderson made me walk through like a mile of mud that day! Ok, not really a mile, but it sure felt that way! I think at one point my shoe came off because it got stuck in the mud. But there was snow beside the mud, so I walked in the snow mostly. Sister Anderson was smiley and laughing the whole way! She's a farm girl so she's used to it. I wouldn't have minded the mud, only that I was wearing a skirt!!! There was one place where there was like amud river with some snow/ice in it, and Sister Anderson thought it would be a good place to cross. But little did she know that they were FLOATING ice chunks! HAHA! She almost biffed it, but because she has talent, she didn't fall. But one time her leg sunk to her ankle in the muddy water. Me on the other hand being smart walked around in between some trees. I totally fell in like 2 feet of ice because a branch caught my skirt. So I'm not sure who was the smart one in finding an easier route. Sigh. Anyway! That was a pretty fun day!
We are teaching a lot of people right now. One of the investigators that Sis Anderson has been teaching is getting baptized next month. So we're both pretty excited. It really hasn't been too hard to teach. The Spirit really knows his stuff!:) I just have to open my mouth. It really helps me to teach when I care about the person. I have talked to a few people and just tried to teach what I know, but that neverworks! I have to care about the person before the Spirit starts to work. But either way, the Spirit is always there no matter how well or bad I teach. I just have to trust Heavenly Father.
Did I tell you it's pretty much a blizzard out here? I'm so bummed! I was expecting like 80F weather! Oh well, we drive a trick that has 4wd:) That's why we didn't get stuck in the mud (which we did in 2wd).
There's a flea market out here every Saturday where we set up a booth and give pass-along cards. It was really strange at first, but once I got to talking it was ok. We gave over 55 pass along cards, and a couple of pamphlets. My comanion told me that she got 107 once. Crazy! Well, we may have talked to that many people, but they didn't want any cards. Oh well. Anyway! If you want to send me letters my address is 4400 Presidential Dr. Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87109. I would love to get mail.
I'm sending you pictures with this letter, so hopefully you can get them on the computer with this letter:)
The Church is true, the book is blue, and Moroni is still on the ball! HAHA! My old companion told me that one. Man, do I love the Book of Mormon! I've been reading the war chapters, Moroni is so not scared of anyone! I hope I can be like Moroni one day. Anyway! Ttyl!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MTC News

Ok, Leda sent me a letter. I wasn't sure if I should copy it word for word here, but I'm going to. I'm too impatient to wait for her letter to tell me what to do :) So here it goes:
Hi Annie and Jimmy!(and the girls)
How are you guys doing? It's so weird to say that because we have to call each other Sister and Elder (and "guys" is not appropriate :)
Anyway! The MTC is really hard. I had no idea how hard it is to teach the basics! But I'm getting the hang of it. I was really discouraged on Saturday, my companion, Sis Edwards (from San Lorenzo, CA, Near Oakland) and I didn't do very good. It was actually really bad. The next day on Sunday my district leader, Elder Inman, asked us to give the lesson on the first lessons first topic -God loves us and we are his children-. It was the best lesson EVER! It boosted my spirits so much! Then we took a walk to the temple. Oh man, that was so much fun! The 2 other sisters in my district, Sis Cutler, and Sis Pederson, thought my last name was "Stop", so they call Stop signs Stolp signs. HAHA! So we saw a stop sign on our way to the temple, she took a picture of me with my hand in the shape of a "L" in between the "O" and the "P". It was SO FUNNY! :) I'll e-mail it or send it to you when I can. (I'm in the laundry room right now and all the computers are used.) After that we went to sacrament meeting - we have to prepare 3-5 talks in case you're asked to speak, and we don't know who's speaking until he announces is. Ya, Crazy! After that we had a musical missionary fireside and that was so amazing! The spirit was so strong! I don't cry, but my walls were definitally weakened. An Elder went up to request a song and said he wanted to dedicate "God Be With You Till We Meet Again" to his best friend who he just hound out that had died. I totally lost it before we had sung hte first verse. I felt like mom was there - almost like she was helping me through the hard times. It was awesome! Monday was so good too! I was so happy! Basically on a spiritual high. :) We went and taught a volunteer and it was just so good! We found out the persons need really fast -that was what our problem was the first time, we couldn't find the need. It was aweseome! Anyway! I leave Feb 15th for New Mexico and my release date or when I'm done is July 4th, 2011.
Write back soon! I only get to check e-mail once a week. So letters are easier.
Love you all!
Sis Stolp
p.s. I ran into Patriarch Mannings granddaughter! He's living in St George now and is like 98!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Feb 6 2010

I got a letter from Leda today, but I'm not sure how much of it she wants posted? So once I find out from her I'll post it. But I can let you know that she leaves Feb 15th for New Mexico and her mission end date is July 4th 2011. I also made this blog open to anyone, so you won't have to sign in and can invite any of Leda's friends (or family that I might have missed) to view it. Thank you all for your support!