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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hold the Phone 4-25-11

Hold the phone Annie! So Crystal is getting married! Wow! So who died of cancer? And is this guy Shawn Harmons son? I'm really confused! But I hope he's a good guy for Crystal! That's kind of weird that she's getting married. Someone else is joining the family. I think it will be weird when one of us gets married too. We are all so used to having Jimmy being the only in-law! So what are her colors, and when is she getting married? You have to remember that this is the first time I'm hearing any of this! You should start at the beginning. Anyway!
That's cool that you are fixing up the backyard and stuff! I can't wait to see it all! You are too creative for you own good. :) Anyway! I am suffering from major allergies. I have a runny nose and a cough. Blah. But I'm taking allergy pills, so I'm hoping by sometime this week I can kick it!
So the coolest thing, we live with members, but they are hippies! They are so cool! They are the Volkmans. They did a lot of hard drugs when they were younger, but then they found the gospel and changed their whole lives around! About a week after they joined the church, their daughter who was 5 was in a horrific fire that almost claimed her life, but she lived, and is now 30 years old and is going strong! But even with all the trials they faced with her and stuff, they stayed strong to their new found faith. They are awesome! They have a dog named Dylan. The #1 rule in their house is "it's Dylans fault" Hahaha! It is so funny! We have a Bro. Volkman quote wall, it's hilarious! He once gave me some ginger soda, and he said, "it will make you cough the first time you drink it" I asked why and he said "there's 12% alcohol in it" Hahaha! I laughed so hard! Their basement is totally a flashback to the '60's, they have a bunch of posters of bands and stuff like that and a bunch of...junk. But it's so fun! I wish you could meet them. :) They're awsesome!
Anyway! Thanks for emailing me! I really appreciate it! I love you!

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