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Thursday, June 9, 2011

To Annie

Annie that sounds wonderful if you could drive me home and show off the baby and stuff. I would love going on that road trip with you! :) Helen should just come and hang out with me. But I can see why Julia would not be able to come. But if I could find a low key job out in CA then that would be fun. :)
That's cool that Lorien has a recital! She's got to be so big too! She's going to be baptized next year huh? CRAZY!!! Oh, and what you said about Christy nursing her baby along side you is so cute! She sounds really sweet. I can't wait to meet her again! She definitely won't remember me! Oh and about your hands. I bet you have ecxema. (or however you spell it) I have had a couple of companions who have that. Their hands look all blistered and they peel and are very tender. I thought about you right away. There is a lotion that you can get for ecxema, I saw it at Walgreens. And that is probably what the girls have, and when you dry out, it gets really bad. So you do good by putting lotion on your hands and stuff. I guess just keep it moisturized. :) Anyway! That's exciting about your garden, it sounds like it's doign really well. I'm so proud of you!
How heavy are you this time? I remember you got HUGE with Lorien, but I can't rememeber the other girls, probably because I didn't get to see many piuctres. Anyway! I have to go, I LOVE YOU!!!
Sister Stolp

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