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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Almost There

Hey everybody! What is new this week? Are you boys officially done with you eagle projects? I want to see pictures of you at your court of honor, and don't forget I want an invitation!!!!! What are you boys going to do when you are done with your projects?
So have you all heard about the fires in Arizona? There are 3 or something like that, and they are all at about the central New Mexico border, so we are getting the smoke from 2 of them here in Bernalillo!!!! It has been crazy! We had ash on our car the other day, it was crazy! I heard about the tornadoes in Massachusetts and California. Weird! I bet you it is definitely the signs of the times. In gospel principles we are at the end of the book, which talks about the last days and stuff, and every Sunday (almost) we joke around about how the world is going to end in October. It's pretty comical. :)
So what have you guys decided for my trip to California? How am I going to get there and when?
So yesterday we were doing member visits, and we dropped by one house with the name of Whipple, (they might be related somehow). Anyway, so the night before Sister Whipple's mom had a masive stroke. It is kind of crazy how throughout my mission I have done that so many times, where we just make plans to do whatever, and it's exactly where and when we need to be. So we were able to provide comfort for Sister Whipple and Sister Wilson (my comp) shared an amazing scripture with her. It's 3 Ne 9:13. Read it. :)
So Annie, here are my suggestions on a name for your baby if it's a girl. Loretta, Amara (am-uh-ra), Mary, Theresa, Megan. I think that is it. I like Bethany I guess, but anyway, there are my suggestions. Do you have any middle names picked out? Hopefully I will be in Ca before the baby is born! That would be sad if your baby was born before I went out there! :( Christy must be HUGE! I can't wait to see her! I can't believe that I only have 4 weeks left! It's crazyness. Anyway! I hope everything is going well for you!
I love you all!
Love Sister Stolp

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