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Monday, September 27, 2010

What? Training?

Hey everybody! So thanks for the package! It totally made my day! I was so excited for the new clothes! And it's so fun to listen to the cd you sent me. Haha! Elder Kasparian...haha! Anyway! Cool pictures! I loved them all! Who was the baby that Jimmy was holding? Was it Ryan and Jair"s? And didn't Ryan our cousin have another baby? I feel so out of the loop. So....next month is my half way mark. Weird. Oh, and by the way, I'm sort of training again. I will have to write a letter about it.. It's a long story. Sigh. Anyway! Julia, I'm so sorry your papers are taking so long! You are on Heavenly Father time schedule, not your own. So when you leave is when you are supposed to. So there's an elder in my mission, Elder Petersen, who is from Yakima (he went to Eisenhower) who is just amazing! His story is crazy! So when he was in high school he had a full time career...he designs websites or something like that and he programs and stuff. Way smart guy. So anyway, he saved up his money for his mission, and then got his identity stolen around the time he was going to leave. So it took$15,000 to clear everything up. So he couldn't afford to go anymore. So he went to his bishop and asked for help, but his bishop said he would have to earn it all AGAIN. So Elder Petersen didn't like that bishop and stopped going to church all together (I don't blame him). So he went on with his life, and bought a house, had a career, etc... Then he found out that they lowered the age limit to 24, so he thought he would never go, so it wasn't like a goal or anything. Then a few years later he found out that they raised it to 26 again, so he still had a desire to go. Amazingly enough. So that day he found out the age limit raised his mom had 2 mini heart attacks, so he told him boss he wanted to go back to Wa to see her. He said they would talk about it the next morning. So the next morning his boss fired him...telling him he wasn't commited enough to the company (just because he wanted to go see his mom...) So he was thinking this was opening the door for him to go on a mission. So he moved back home, which drained his back account AGAIN. So he had about $3000 left. And of course he srtarted going back to church. So he went to his bishop and said he wanted to go on a mission. He was 26 at the time. And he was expecting his bishop to say he has to earn it himself again. But this time his bishop said of course! And there was actually $7000 in his missionary fund that had been sitting there for 6 years!!!! But instead of getting bitter and saying forget it, he went on his mission. Cool story huh? And it's all true! He is an amazing elder. I hope we stay in contact after the mission. So anyway! He just turned 28, and is going home in December.
Well, I love you all! And keep writing me ya bums!


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