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Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's not Halloween yet, what's the deal!?

Hey everybody, so transfers are coming up this next week, and I'm so nervous! I have a really good companion right now and I"m afraid to lose her! But I know there are plenty of good sisters in the mission. So I guess I'm not to worried. I'm just worried to open another area! It's so hard! But you learn a lot from doing it that's for sure!
Oh and I called Sister Miller today for something and she said there was a package in the office waiting to be sent to me...yay! Thanks for the package, I'm excited for my birthday. :) EVERYONE was tight on miles this month...except us. Because we are just that good. But anyway! The elders BEGGED us for extra miles to get them to zone conference and back. So we gave them 100 miles out of our 900 miles...which isn't a lot in the first place...but we gave it to them anyways, and one of the elders as he was begging said he would do ANYTHING for me. So I told him he could make me brownies for my birthday. He said he would totally do it! And he said this would be the first time he will every really make something like that....but I'm pretty sure it will be good. :) Haha! So it's pretty cool. And I'm having my birthday dinner at the Stake Presidents house on Friday, so I'm way excited for that! Our stake president goes to Europe ALL THE TIME to shoot Mormon Messages for the church website. So he's pretty much famous. :) He's way cool, he kind of looks like Jim Carrey, only totally better! I'll send you pictures next week. I think. Anyway! OH! Can someone please send me somemore black trouser socks? I have holes in all of mine. I guess I just walk to much. :) That is if it's not in my birthday package. Anyway! I love you all! And I hope I have more exciting news next week. We have a baptism scheduled for Sept 11, 18, and 25. So we are praying that they will keep! But hopefully I will have more to say next week.


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