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Thursday, January 6, 2011


Hey everybody, I got stamps today, but I may not have time to write you all a letter because I'm going to get new shoes today! The lady that called you guys (Sister Betty Bowden from El Paso Redd ward) is buying us new shoes! She told us that yesterday at church, and I said that I really do need new shoes, and she said it showed. :( So I'm glad that I will be getting better shoes that will last me till the end of my mission! :) So this week my companion Sister Bode has been sick with a sinus infection, so we have been in almost all week. It has been really fun though! We played a ton of games with Sister Stiger (the lady we live with), and I love the game Rummikub. If you haven't played it, you should. And Sister Bode got Bananagrams (like Scrabble), so we have been stretching our brains all week! We have gotten really close to Sister Stiger this past week, yesterday she was gone to her family finner, so we were all by ourselves yesterday and we were both lonely! It was sad! We love her. :) She is allergic to wheat (Celiac disease) and I was telling her all of my problems (prediabetes, raynouds, Diane's kids and their celiac problems, Grandma Ostlers allergies, my allergies, etc...) and she said that I am most definitely have Celiac disease. So I am going off wheat as of yesterday. :( :( :( I don't think I will starve though, we are fed quit a bit of tacos and soups. :) Anyway. Maybe you can give me some tips Brenda? I think you are allergic to wheat, huh? I got me some rice crackers and a bunch of fruit and a gluten-free pancake mix...it was $4.12! :( I might starve during the day though. They didn't have any snacks, except the rice crackers. But I don't know if they are good. And I think the granola bars and the fruit snacks have wheat in them, I will have to ask Sister Stiger about those. Anyway, maybe you can help me find some good snacks to munch on during the day. I dont' have a whole lot of time to look at all the grocery stores out here, and I bet you could find gluten-free foods for cheap too. I think that's your talent. :)

But that is the gist of our week. All the elders have been sick too, so not too much has happened in our district. We have a bunch of potential investigators so we are hoping that Sister Bode will get better soon so that we can go teach them! Halleluia! (sorry, there was a guy that came to church with the elders yesterday and he looked like a holy roller type guy)

I hope you guys have a great week! I love you all!


Sister Stolp

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