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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hey everybody! So this is my letter once again this week. Next week I should be getting stamps, but I do like emailing though. Anyway! I had a great Christmas with Sister Bode and Sister Stiger and her daughter Ciara. I love the clothes that I got, it makes it fun. :) I went to a funeral this morning, so I am in a funky mood. Sorry. There is no snow in El Paso! Yay! I'm loving it! So I got a Christmas card from Mike and Chelsea...she's pregnant again! Why has no one told me? I feel so left out of everything! Whatever. It was great talking to all of you on Christmas, I still feel as if I saw all of you yesterday. So after I called you we went to the RS presidents (Sister Richardson) for lunch, and we played games and had a lot of fun. Then we went to the Flemings house, he is in the stake presidency. That was fun too,they have all older kids, so it was nice to have conversation. Did I tell you about Zone Conference? It was great! Elders Gibson and Webb did a fantastic job of singing what child is this, and they did awesome on Sunday when they sang it again. Our talent show was fun. I have some pictures, but I don't feel like emailing them right now. You will have to wait till next week. :) Sister Bode and I got $50 from a lady in the ward out here, so we used it to buy one of our investigators Christmas. It was so worth it! :) The lady hasn't been progressing very much but we taught her today and she had read! It was so exciting! So we are hoping that she will be baptized soon! Sister Bode told me that last night she prayed that Melinda (the lady) would have a desire to read. And she did! It's definitely a faith promoter. We went tracting a few days ago, and we found this lady named Ofelia. We asked her a few questions, and we got onto the topic of eternal families. So Sister Bode gave her a watered down version of the Restoration and how we can have eternal families. Before we explained things we asked her if there was a number we could contact her at, and she kind of sidestepped a bit. But after we explained how she can be with her husband forever, she actually gave us 2 numbers we could reach her at! It was interesting because just a few minutes before we kind of had no faith that people were going to listen to us the day after Christmas. But I tried to change my outlook and told Sister Bode that we were out there looking for God's children who were ready for the gospel. And then we found Ofelia. It was awesome! We still need to go back, but we feel like she is looking but doesn't know it.
Thanks everyone for the Christmas card you sent me! I enjoyed it. And thanks again for the presents! I don't know what else to say at the moment, but keep writing me! I love you all!
Sister Stolp
ps. annie and julia, sorry i wasn't able to talk to you on the phone, the connection was bad somehow. but send me pictures of the girls! i'm sure they are huge by now! love you both. i hope you had fun in cali julia. :)

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