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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Kick Tush"

We just went through transfers again, we are staying another transfer together!!! Yay! We are excited. I do not have anything really to say about this week. It was a really bad week, but Sister Jarman, (the sister who got bit by the dog) is in ABQ right now and is doing much better. She still has the infection, but no fever. Thank goodness! They actually shut Anthony down for sisters, there's been to many problems with that area. I'm not surprised, but it is a little sad. There are no more other sisters in the zone! :( Our district split also, it is now only 4 elders and us sisters. So it is a little small, but I prefer it that way. The AP (Elder Ellsworth) got released from AP and is now my district leader! Yay! There is going to be so much obedience in my district and I'm so happy! :) This is my 3rd transfer here in El Paso and I love it! I was in Gallup for 3 transfers also, my 2 favorite places are the places I will be in the longest. I'm so happy! We are still sharing the ward with the elders...it's going ok. It's definitely not my favorite, but we work ok together. All the missionaries in the ward now are younger than me, so it's a little rough to be around somewhat inexperienced missionaries. Sister Bode is awesome though! We are going to kick tush here this transfer! We have a "Why I Believe" fireside in the making right now, and we are going to do a tree of life in the church for people to experience. Elder Gibson (the elder here) is training his 1st this next transfer. And Elder Ellsworth is training also, so it will be an interesting transfer/district.
How is everyone doing so far? Have you all made a profile on mormon.org yet? If you haven't done it yet, you better do it this week! It sounds like Julia had a great time in Cali. How long did you stay in Cali and Utah? Annie, you better watch Vanessa and her getting really cold. That is very dangerous. Yesterday it was 70 degrees in El Paso, and even I was wearing a sweater! Anyway! I have to get going. But we will talk later....love you!
Love, Sister Stolp

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