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Monday, December 6, 2010

Hey everyone. I don't have any stamps left and I don't have enough money to get stamps, so I'm writing you this email.
So we had a baptism this week! I was so excited! It was Angie for those of you who have been reading my letters. It was so good! We made her a tie blanket with her name embroidered on it, and told her it was the "comforter" and that when she looks at it to remember what we have taught her. Her husband came and I think he enjoyed it. He didn't say much, but Angie said that he took her out to Applebee's to celebrate, which Applebee's is a special occasion restaurant. So it was cool! She cried like the whole time! In one of her lessons she was praying and said that she was grateful that Heavenly Father has led her back. It was so sweet! I will have to send pictures when I have more time.
We also taught this one guy named Enrique who is an alcoholic and we asked him if he would live the word of wisdom, and he said he would quit cold turkey if I would get drunk with him. Haha! I told him no way! We had a good laugh. :) But I think he will get there. Hopefully soon!
We are having Christmas at the Richardson's house, she is the RS president, and they have 8 kids! So I'm pretty excited! OH! I forgot to tell you, this week is transfers and I'm staying in El Paso!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! I love El Paso and will be very sad to leave. We are trading our truck for a Malibu. So I'm pretty bummed about that. And no, I am not homesick yet, I didn't get homesick at Thanksgiving either. I think it's because home is different anyway. So all my homesickness was last year. But I'm fine this year. I haven't even thought about mommy too much lately. I think with teaching the gospel and seeing the happiness it brings, I don't worry to much about that stuff anymore. I do get sad, but I don't worry anymore. And plus I try not to think about it too much.
What are you all doing for Christmas? Can you please send me pictures of you guys in your plays and Christmas and stuff? I will probably be calling sometime Christmas morning, like 11am? Probably. Just plan for that.
Alright, well, I will email next week! And I'm glad to hear about Allen, I know, he loves me. :)
Love you all!
Sis Stolp

Ok, so I have a little more time than I thought.
1. my district.
2.me with Angie and her family.
3.me with Enrique and his wife Maria.
4.Enrique with his bar in his living room.
5.me in Vinton. it's part of my area. it's very country.

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