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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Good Times

Hey everybody! So this week has gone by reeeaaallllyyyyyy slow. But we got a new car and a new district leader and a new elder in the ward. :) We are getting ready for our zone conference next week. I am playing the reflextion version of Come thou Fount and Elder Webb is doing a solo. It will be fun! And then I'm playing What Child is This and Elder Webb and his new companion Elder Gibson are singing a duet. Yay! And me and Sister Bode are singing Lead Kindly Light. And I think there is going to be a double quartet, I will be singing alto and Sister Bode will singing soprano. It will be fun! Get this so my old district leader was Elder Gibb, now my district leader is Elder Gibby, and Elder Gibson replaced Elder Gibb. CRAZY!
So this has been on my mind since I got on the computer...but I got an email from Kathy Campos...Reg has been convicted and is in prison in Gunnison Ut from 3 years to life. I am so shocked! I can't believe that he was convicted. It was so apparent that he was not trying to kill this guy. He was defending his daughter for crying out loud! But Kathy said that Reg is a different person and that he has changed for the better. He is looking towards the Lord and is drawing strength from Christ. I am so grateful that he doesnt' have a bitter heart and that this is softening him. I hope that Kathy is being taken care of, she has to sell the house and go back to school. She told me that everyone is doing fine, but this trial is very hard to carry. I really wish I could be there right now to help them. I think this is the only time on my mission that I wish I was home...but I'm not coming home because I know this is where Heavenly Father wants me, and I'm positive that they are being blessed. But I do still worry about them.
Annie, sounds like you guys had a great Thanksgiving! I'm glad that you guys are doing well. I loved your letter that you wrote me a few weeks ago, sorry I haven't replied to it yet. It really made me think about how there are still miracles here on earth. Sometimes I wonder why He couldn't have saved mom, but then I think yes, He did save her. Because He was resurrected, she will be resurrected and perfected. So then I don't worry to much about the past. Same with Allen, sometimes I wish that Jesus could come down right now and heal Allen, but then I think, yes, He will heal Allen, all in good time. But that was a cool story about that lady!
By the way Julia, the boys look great! I'm sure they wish they all had real six-packs. Haha! Good make up job! Valeries hair is so long! I can't wait to see your daughters Annie! Vanessa is so funny! "only a little one mommy" HAHAHAHA!!!!!! She's so naughty! Hahaha! I want babies to cuddle with! I haven't held a kid in a loooong time. But I can wait a little longer. :)
So I will be calling on Christmas around 11am, I hope. It might be earlier or later. We will see. :)
I love you all!
Sister Stolp

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