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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Testimony

I found my "I KNOW" testimony....
We were at a ladies house who is less-active her name is Diane. Her mom Marlene was there who is also less-active. We started teaching them the Restoration using the cups lesson. We got to the part where Joseph Smith was questioning all the other churches and read in the Bible about praying. After we recited the First Vision, both of them were very quick to jump on it and tell us that NO ONE has seen God. NO ONE. It was a little surprising how...nasty (?) she got, it was actually quit venomous. We told her that people have seen God. We found out that she believes in the Trinity, and thinks God is a Spirit. President, she was a member for 32 years. But her husband wasn't a member, he was a Catholic. So for some reason she hadn't read the Bible, so she decided to read the Bible. She for some reason thinks the Bible is perfect and has all the truth. So that's where she gets her ideas. Diane asked if the Bible talked about the Book of Mormon and if the Book of Mormon talked about the Bible. I showed them Ezekiel 37 and 2 Nephi about the sticks, but they wouldn't listen. They kept asking questions and never waiting for us to answer. It was almost like they were questioning, but not really caring to know the truth. To me it was getting a little anti-Mormon. It was weird. She just kept saying that no one has seen God and that they are all in one, etc...I told her that Heavenly Father was a man and that he was my father and that Jesus Christ was my brother. And that really set her off! She said that Jesus was created and that he was not our brother and Heavenly Father was not our literal father. I said that it was sad to me to think of Heavenly Father as a Spirit, and how I turn to him when I can't turn to my earthly parents.
At this point it was getting a little out of hand, she was getting really mean in a way, just attacking us. So Sis Kavatoe stopped the discussion and told us we didn't have the Spirit. She started talking and honestly I can't remember what she said. But at that point it really hit me...Heavenly Father is really my Father, and Jesus Christ is really my brother. They have bodies of flesh and bones, and they really did appear to Joseph Smith! He is a real person! How sad to think of him as a Spirit! I want a body like he does, I want to be able to hug him when I return home. I got really emotional and wanted to just shout it to her that Heavenly Father has a body! But of course I couldn't do that, so I waited my turn. After Sis Kavatoe stopped talking I think Marlene got back onto the subject of the Trinity, so I turned to her and told her that I KNOW that Heavenly Father is a man with flesh and bones and that He and Christ appeared to Joseph Smith to have him restore this gospel. I KNOW that Heavenly Father is my Father and that Jesus Christ is my brother and I am a daughter of God. At this point I was crying because I was so happy to have that knowledge and so sad that she had lost it. We then had to leave, so Sis Kavatoe said the prayer, and as she was praying I started crying again because I felt it in my heart that she was praying to a person who is my Father in Heaven. I was so happy! When we got in the car I just broke down again because I now KNOW that this church is TRUE and that we DO have a loving Heavenly Father. I just can't imagine how someone who was in the church for 32 years, and had the truth, could go backwards to believing that God is a Spirit. I prayed that night thanking Heavenly Father that I KNOW who He is and who I am. President, I just wanted to let you know that I KNOW that this church is true and that Heavenly Father is really our Father, and he loves us so much that he brought His church back to this earth so that we can succeed as families and as individuals. I am so grateful for the knowlegde and understanding that I have and this opportunity to be His servant.
Love Leda

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. What a great experience! Being a missionary helps you realize what it is you really do KNOW! I remember having similar experiences on my mission, when I felt the truth stronger than ever as I bore testimony of Christ and His restored church. I feel so blessed to KNOW that Heavenly Father DOES have a body of flesh and bones, and that one day I'll see Him again and obtain a perfected body, also. How grateful I am for our Savior and brother, Jesus Christ, whose sacrifice made it all possible.