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And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto my father: I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Dear Family, I wasn't able to write a letter today because I am being transfered to Los Lunas tomorrow, to train a new missionary from the MTC. AHHHH!!!!! So I won't have time to write and plus I only have 1 stamp left and no money, so maybe I'll write next week. Anyway! Los Lunas just opened to sisters (elders were there before) so that means I have to clean it up and get missionary work started over there. :O The stake pres wife called me this morning inviting me over to her house for dinner tomorrow, and that they have a meal coordinator. That's like way fancy! Usually we just send a calendar around for people to sign up on. So someone who coordinates meals is luxurious! :) I've only been out for almost 5 months (Sunday!) and I'm training! I still don't think I know everything, but I know Heavenly Father trusts me to take over an area and train on top of that. Whew! Man! It's going to be hard! But I know I can do it. I'm excited to train because now I can do things the way I want to. I had a comp who slept in a lot, which is being disobedient (some will tell you it's not, but it is) and she never studied and when she did study it would take up time for something else, like tracting and finding people. So that was hard. I really like getting up to study, it starts my day off right. I have found that if I don't feel the spirit in the morning when I study, I am studying the wrong thing. So I try to find some thing that will help me feel the spirit. I always pray to feel it to. I heard everytime you feel the spirit you are cleansed, and I believe it! It's so true! I think feeling that spirit energizes you for the day, it really does give you a boost. So try to imply that to your study. Conference talks are AWESOME!!!!!!! It's my favorite thing to read for sure! Anyway! I did run into a lady who is related to Sunny and Brenda Mortensen. Do you remember them? She was like 4 years older than him and they had a daughter. They both sang in the choir I think. Anyway! They are living in Farmington New Mexico now. But I'm not going to meet them because I"m in a different mission! :( Oh well. Los Lunas has a lot of hispanic people, so I might come back nowing more spanish. Not! :) I hope Quinlan is doing better. That's pretty crazy that he got shot! I was a little confused on who shot him. Was it a neighbor who was over? And who was the kid that got stabbed? Did he die? Was it gang related? WVC is getting more ghetto by the minute. So I heard Helen went to Cali, who took her? Did she fly? How long is she staying there?
Annie, you have to send me pictures of your new mini van. How in the world can you afford that? Crazy person! Did Jimmy like my fathers day card? :) How about you dad? :) Haha!
Well, next week I might be crying to you guys over the email from stress and lack of people to teach. So be prepared. Or I might be extremely happy! We shall see. :) Love ya'll!


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