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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hey Annie!
So I'm writing instead of e-mailing because I am pretty much on bed rest. . . I'll explain. . .
If you haven't heard yet, my foot has been swollen for a few months now. I finally went to the Dr because any pressure on top of it(even my socks) hut it. They took x-rays but couldn't find a break and said it could be a stress/hairline fracture. I have not done anything to break my foot! It's crazy! So they put me in a boot brace and on crutches. But my foot swelled even more in the brace. So the Dr thought it could be a blood clot. So I had to get an ultrasound to see, but they couldn't find any clots- thank goodness! So the Dr said to be on complete rest for 2 weeks - he says if I keep hopping up stairs and moving it around too much it could break completely. If it does break it will be jagged and harder to heal. So I've been cooped up since last Friday and I'm going crazy!!! It's so frustrating because the work out here is moving, but I'm not moving! President Anderson came to Gallup yesterday for interviews, but he had to do ours at our trailer because I can't leave the dang trailer. He gave me me a couple of assignments to keep busy and to sharpen my skills. So that was really helpful:)
So Sister Abney and I serve in Gallup 2nd ward on the east side and the district leader Elder Sumpter and his comp Elder Roberts serve in Gallup 1st ward on the west side. So the elders have been out of a truck for about a month or so now - it's in the shop - and we obviously don't need a truck since we're not going anywhere anytime soon. So we got permission for them to use it till their truck is fixed. You have to understand that when we got it, the insides were CAKED in mud! It took us about a week to finally get it shining again. Lame elders - rolling down their windows on the rez. Anyway! We gave the elders specific instructions not to get it muddy again. Elder Sumter asked a stupid (maybe flirtatious) question about what would happen if they brought it back muddy. I told him that if they brought it back muddy I would punch him in the face:) I think Elder Roberts is scared of me, Elder Sumpter is not quite as scared of me I don't think - but in time he will learn not to make me mad, well maybe he already knows. I've blown up at his last 2 comps - so he's probably wise not to make me mad. Elder Sumpter is a good elder:) I'll be sad to see him leave(in June). Anyway! So before I was put on strict rest, I felt like I was doing push-ups all day for 3-4 days. It was exhausting! My one leg is really super buff now! And the other looks like a chicken leg, I look more like Steven now w/my chicken leg! Poor kid.
Oh, and tell Dana Osgood that I'm pretty much in love w/ my district leader too and maybe one day I'll follow in her foot steps and marry mine:) It's actually cool, he's 3 out of 9! We're just made for each other. Haha! But really, maybe one day it will happen. He's a cutie!(And only 6 months to the day younger than me)
I love you! The atonement is real and Jesus can heal anything if we let him.
Love Sis Stolp

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