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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Los Lunas

So here I am in Los Lunas...my 'daughter' is Sis Oborn from Wisconsin. She's awesome! She's a hard worker and I love her to death! Brandy went to Bloomfield with Sis. Allred who is my 'sister', so Brandy is my 'niece'. Sis Allred and I were trained by the same sister, so that's why we are 'sisters'. We have 1 investigator that we know of. She wasn't going to get baptized because her husband didn't want her to be because of some of the things the elders previous to us had said to him. BUT since we got here (we still haven't met him) we saw Glenda and heard all about her. Yesterday she said that she's getting baptized as soon as she can because her husband told her last night that she could. We have been praying so hard for success, and there's our answer. This is definitely not our work, it's Heavenly Father's work. We certainly had nothing to do with him letting her get baptized. :) So we're hoping to have her baptism in July sometime, there was poor record keeping, so we have to see where she is at. *sigh* We have been tracting all day everyday this week, and I'm so tired and discouraged. I feel like we haven't had much success, but I think we have...I mean Glenda is getting baptized. But we have no other investigators! The ward is way cool and is so willing to give us referrals for their neighbors, but the neighbors want nothing to do with us. So that is really hard for me. I keep having to tell myself that they are not rejecting me, even though right now I feel like they are because I"m a Mormon. Yesterday we had our stake conference here and Elder Kikuchi came with Elder Keel (?), they got a referral for us from the receptionist at their motel. It was awesome! We contacted her and she said she would come to conference, but we couldn't find her, so we aren't sure what happened there. We are going to find out tomorrow. But they felt like she was "golden", so we're hoping something will come from that. Glenda also has 2 brain tumors that she's had for like 8 years or something like that. So Elder Kikuchi gave her a blessing. It was really hard for me to sit there and listen to the blessing. Some of my angry feelings came back. I was thinking why she got to have a blessing from a general authority when mom didn't get too. But then I was thinking that it's all the same Priesthood and he has no more power than dad, or bishop. So that did calm me down a bit. But it was still hard to be there. I have been missing the rez and my Navajos a lot this week. I am having a hard time understanding why God takes things away from us that we love...I try not to question why, but this week has been really really hard for me. I live in a ghetto apartment that's why sketchy, and the first couple of nights was really hard for me to relax and get sleep. I kept thinking someone was going to break in and do something to us. One night we came home from a long hard day of tracting and having no success, and this guy was leaning over his balcony (he might have been drunk, be he didn't really look drunk) and said "Hey Mormons", I just kept my head down and got into the apartment quickly. Within 5 mins the doorbell rang, I looked through the peephole and it was that guy! We quickly armed ourselves with golf clubs the elders left in our apt. and called the ward mission leader to come over. We have felt really creeped out as it was and there was just a bad feeling in the apt and wanted to rededicate it anyway. So he came over and rededicated it for us. I called Pres. Anderson and told him what had happened and he said he was told it was safe (ya right. maybe for elders, but not for sisters!) but he would ask if there was anyone who would let us live with them. I felt better after talking to him and having the apt rededicated. The next morning Pres Anderson called and said he was going to leave us in the apt because he felt like it was safe for us. He said that there were some sisters serving somewhere (not NM) when he was bishop (?), but where they were serving was in the GHETTO. I'm talking gangs and drug dealers etc. And they made friends with these gangs and they protected them from other gangs. So I think that's what he was thinking. He told us if we had anymore problems to tell these guys who we are and why we are here, and that we need them to look after us. Sorta. So anyway. A few days later some girl from upstairs started talking to us and said she wanted to apologize for her friend, he didn't mean to creep us out. They always said "Hey Mormons" to the elders and they always replied "Hey not Mormons" to them. She said he wasn't going to kill us. Thank goodness! :) But we still had a chain put on our door. It makes me feel better. *SIGH* It's been a long week. I'm not complaining, but it's just hard to see the joys from missionary work...I miss my Navajos. Like I said that ward is amazing and I feel like they are going to help us a lot! It's only been my first week here and I can't expect to see 5 baptisms coming from 1 week of work. I'm not sure why Heavenly Father put me here in the city, but I know I'm here for a reason. I am setting the foundation for future missionaries who come here to Los Lunas, even if I don't get to see the fruits of my labors.
Anyway! Let me know how everyone is doing. I appreciate your letters and emails. I am hoping I will be more cheerful next week. :) Love you all!


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