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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MTC News

Ok, Leda sent me a letter. I wasn't sure if I should copy it word for word here, but I'm going to. I'm too impatient to wait for her letter to tell me what to do :) So here it goes:
Hi Annie and Jimmy!(and the girls)
How are you guys doing? It's so weird to say that because we have to call each other Sister and Elder (and "guys" is not appropriate :)
Anyway! The MTC is really hard. I had no idea how hard it is to teach the basics! But I'm getting the hang of it. I was really discouraged on Saturday, my companion, Sis Edwards (from San Lorenzo, CA, Near Oakland) and I didn't do very good. It was actually really bad. The next day on Sunday my district leader, Elder Inman, asked us to give the lesson on the first lessons first topic -God loves us and we are his children-. It was the best lesson EVER! It boosted my spirits so much! Then we took a walk to the temple. Oh man, that was so much fun! The 2 other sisters in my district, Sis Cutler, and Sis Pederson, thought my last name was "Stop", so they call Stop signs Stolp signs. HAHA! So we saw a stop sign on our way to the temple, she took a picture of me with my hand in the shape of a "L" in between the "O" and the "P". It was SO FUNNY! :) I'll e-mail it or send it to you when I can. (I'm in the laundry room right now and all the computers are used.) After that we went to sacrament meeting - we have to prepare 3-5 talks in case you're asked to speak, and we don't know who's speaking until he announces is. Ya, Crazy! After that we had a musical missionary fireside and that was so amazing! The spirit was so strong! I don't cry, but my walls were definitally weakened. An Elder went up to request a song and said he wanted to dedicate "God Be With You Till We Meet Again" to his best friend who he just hound out that had died. I totally lost it before we had sung hte first verse. I felt like mom was there - almost like she was helping me through the hard times. It was awesome! Monday was so good too! I was so happy! Basically on a spiritual high. :) We went and taught a volunteer and it was just so good! We found out the persons need really fast -that was what our problem was the first time, we couldn't find the need. It was aweseome! Anyway! I leave Feb 15th for New Mexico and my release date or when I'm done is July 4th, 2011.
Write back soon! I only get to check e-mail once a week. So letters are easier.
Love you all!
Sis Stolp
p.s. I ran into Patriarch Mannings granddaughter! He's living in St George now and is like 98!


  1. Annie, thanks for creating the blog for your sister. What a great thing to do!

    Leda's experience in the MTC sure brought back memories! Brad and I remember the time we spent there, although it was many years ago now.

    Thanks for sharing Sister Stolp's letter. We look forward to hearing more about her adventures in the mission field!

    Dana Osgood

  2. Aaaah! We're so excited to read about Sister Stolp's awesome adventures! Thanks for sharing her letters with us!!