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And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto my father: I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Hey everyone! So this week has been weird once again...you're all probably wondering why I put those pictures on there. We had a snowstorm last week, it snowed like 1/2 inch, and got down to a breaking record of 9 degrees. They started calling it the blizzard of 2011. Everything froze, the pipes, the pools, everything. So they cancelled school for like 4 days, and everyones pipes broke. El Paso never gets cold, so when they built these houses, they only put the pipes under 3ft. rather than 6ft. So they all froze. In our shower the water came out brown, and wouldn't drain. So we thought there was a pipe break in our shower. The plummer said there was ice in our pipe, and he had to replace it before it burst and caused more damage. So that was the exciting business for us. There were some people here who were out of water for 4 days or more. And the electricity was turned off for a while all over the city (rolling black outs), because there are 4 generators in El Paso, and 2 of them were down because of the storm. So they had to conserve energy. Weird. Then the resevoirs were almost depleted because of all the water leaks, so they told everyone not to shower or wash clothes/dishes/cars/etc...So it was pretty gross. But we survived. They told us we could start using the water yesterday. Yay for showers! It was crazy I'm telling you. Everyone was in a panic. It made me think of the second coming. No one is going to be prepared for what is going to happen. I mean, El Paso wasn't even prepared for a little frost...The schools still don't have water, so they told the kids to bring their own water bottle because there is no water to drink. But ya, it's crazy. I wrote Julia a letter, so it might have more detail, so you will have to share info Julia when you get my letter. :)
Yesterday we got dropped by one of our investigators (he's catholic). We were teaching the plan of salvation, and he agreed for the first half of it (you really can't argue that one), then we got into death and that's where he started having his fit. He couldn't get past the fact that EVERYONE has a second chance. He believes that if you sell yourself to the devil you go straight to Hell. There are no detours to the spirit world for them. They have to second chance. We told him that it was part of the plan and that we all go there no matter what. He said that that would be forcing them to go somewhere that they don't want to go. He said that those people who sell themselves to the devil WANT to be with Satan and that they don't want to be there. He would not listen to us at all. We asked him to think of those people who are not mentally capable of thinking clearly. People who are bi-polar or have other mental disabilities. He would not listen to that at all. He was so dead set on people not being given a second chance. It was the weirdest lesson. But he has been trying to get rid of us for a few weeks I think. He told us that that lesson was the end, we could not agree on doctrine, and so we needed to leave. He pretty much kicked us out the door. It was so rude! His wife is a less active member, and boy, we think she felt really bad. I think she was going to cry. Sister Bode and I were not surprised by what he did. He's not very emotional that way, and I don't think he liked us anyway. He really didn't want to listen, he wanted to argue our religion. So we are not broken hearted over what happened. And we are so used to people dropping us and being against us that we really don't care. We are here to find the elect, and he was not the elect. So we are just moving onward and upward! There was something not right with him either, I always felt a little uneasy around him. So it's probably a good thing that he gave us the boot. :)
What are all of you guys up too? How is the weather up there? I heard that you didn't get it at all. But who knows? I haven't seen Utah to know. What's going on with the ward? Anything new? How is your health Brenda?

I love you all!

Sister Stolp

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