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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Not Much

Hey everybody!
So I am surviving El Paso and training! It's been pretty crazy though, we only have 1000 miles for our area...which is not near enough. BUT the ward is awesome and is helping us get around. So it's pretty nice. :)
Julia, when is your dance? And I want to see pictures for sure! That's cool that you got called to be a Sunday School teacher! I would not want that calling at all! Teaching families is hard enough for me! Just remember that you can only teach with the spirit, so pray to be guided in how/what you teach. Remember to love the people you teach, pray for those people in your class. I know that you will be an awesome teacher though! And stay away from the opinion corner! That's danger. Just stick to the doctrine and you will be fine. :)
So wait, which next door neighbor? I don't remember a Shannon. Is it the one with the 2 boys and the motorcycle? Her name is Heidi and she's a member right? Have they had the missionaries over? Do they have a Book of Mormon? I think that one day he will accept the gospel. They say it takes 7 tries. So maybe yours was the 6th. You definitely planted the seed! But as long as they feel your love for them and the kindness and unity that they church has, they will probably be looking for it again one day.
It's always good to hear how Allen is doing. I love him to death! I hope he knows how much I miss him. How is Helen doing?
I am sick right now. I have a cold or something. I am really tired, but I just have to keep pushing! It's hard though, because no one wants a sick person in their home getting their kids sick. So it's always hard to know what to do. Can you please send me some money for meds? I know I'm going to spend all I have on drugs if I'm not careful.
So before I forget, we are having Thanksgiving with a polynesian family! They have 8 kids and I'm so excited! It will be like home! I'm so excited! So for Christmas, tell me a time you want me to call you. It has to be after 10am and before 8pm. So I'm thinking like around 10 or 11am? Tell me when it will work out for you guys.
I'll write to you later today! I love you all!

Sister Stolp

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