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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mud Mud Mud

Last week we were out on the rez trying to see some people, and the sun had caked the mud over so it looked dry. So we decided we were going to go up this driveway. But we got stuck! Even in 4WD! It was bad! Really bad! So I had to get out and push, but it was really stuck! And then my shoe came off in the mud, and when I turned around to get it, I could hardly see it because the mud was so deep! It was crazy! Two cars stopped to help us, finally a truck came and pulled up out (shoof!). We want to go back and find those people and teach them the gospel! I love the reservation a lot even though we got stuck in the mud! :) My comp and I want to track the rez one day next week. I think it's like 8 miles, but I'm way excited! I love the rez! I will be sad if I'm not in the Farmington mission, but I'll go wherever the Lord needs me. This mission is not about me, it's about the Lord and his work and I'm just an instrument in his hands. I was having some troubles with confidence last week, and I was thinking maybe it was my lack of faith. So I studied faith on Sunday and I found that to have faith is to have confidence in someone or something. I realized that I need to have confidence in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ that I was really called on a mission to preach the gospel, and because of that they will help me in my efforts. It's not me that converts, it's the Spirit, and I need to have faith/confidence that the Spirit will guide me in what to say to bring others unto Christ. My comp Sister Anderson pointed out to me that I need to have faith/confidence in myself. That was a real boost to me because I had forgotten that I do need to have faith in myself, especially as a missionary. Man, yesterday was good day for my self esteem. :) It was like someone recharged my battery.
Also, yesterday one of our investigators mom had died. We went over to make sure she was ok, and I can't believe how much comfort the gospel really brings to people in those situations. She is actually scheduled to be baptized next week, but we'll see if that happens, but she is so strong in the gospel already and going over there gave her a lot of comfort. But she still needs to find that peace of course. This is what I really wanted to do as a missionary. Is to help people who are going through death, because I know how to help and I want to help them discover what I discovered. And let me tell you, there has been no shortage of people dealing with death around here. It's awesome to bring people the gospel and show them that they can see that person again! This is where I'm supposed to be!
(Note from the Editor: So Leda sent me a letter that I can copy onto here, but I can't find it, sorry! I'll find it and post it out of order:)

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